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Off The Runway: Spring Beauty Trends


I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some spring makeup looks. The spring 2017 fashion shows have solidified the newest beauty trends for the upcoming season and we're LOVING the results. The OFRA social media team couldn't wait to try our hands at this season's IT looks and we took our inspiration straight from the runway.


Each day this week a team member recreated a runway beauty trend (from THIS Harper's Bazaar article) they wouldn't typically attempt in real life. The outcome was pretty successful even though we all stepped way outside our comfort zones. If we learned anything this week, it's that taking risks can often result in a pleasant surprise. Read on to meet our talented team!



Marc Jacobs // Spring 2017 


 Something you should know about me: I am a makeup junkie. I'm a full face, every day type of girl. That being said, when we were all picking our looks for this week, I wanted something totally out of my comfort zone. “Pastel Lids” it was. Bright colors can be really intimidating. When I saw the picture of the model, I thought the makeup was pretty but not anything realistic for your average person to wear during the day. 


I wanted to start with a cream base, so I mixed our Fixline Eyeliner Gels in “White Rabbit” and “Killer Queen” to create the perfect lilac shade. I applied the mixture to my lids with my finger and then used a small dense brush to blend out the harsh edges. To help create dimension I chose to work with two different eye shadows. First, I applied “Royal” to my eye crease as well as the outer and inner thirds of my lid. I used a fluffy blending brush to make sure there was a seamless fade of color from my crease all the way up to my brow bone. Then I took “Ultra Violet” - a lighter purple shade - and popped it in the middle of my lids. Finally, I completed the look with our HD Volumizing Mascara in “Black”.


Getting out of my comfort zone was really refreshing and the makeup turned out to be a lot more wearable than expected. Throughout the day I actually got four different compliments from coworkers, which SHOCKED me. Granted I work for a cosmetic company and the makeup etiquette is a little more lenient but, regardless, trying this look showed me that I can incorporate color without feeling like a clown. If you see a runway look that you like, try it out and make it your own! That’s the fun of it! Like every beauty influencer says: at the end of the day, it washes off.  


Maison Margiela // Spring 2017 


These Pat McGrath glitter lips reminded me of something you would see at a music festival such as Coachella. I love that this look had a bright blue glitter lip and dewy skin. Since spring is approaching, I thought a fun festival look would be appropriate, however, it is still a little outside my comfort zone. I simplified this look by skipping any eye makeup or contour and, instead, focused on the lips and feather brows.


I started off with very little foundation and applied the Absolute Cover Silk Peptide Foundation in #7. I then moved on to the brows using the Universal Eyebrow Pencil and created feather like strokes. Finally, for the star of the show - the glitter lips. I used our Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in "Maui" as my base. Next, I went over it with "Times Square" Liquid Lipstick. I dusted White Millennium shimmer eyeshadow all over my lips with my finger and lastly, I topped off the center of my lips with our White Diamonds Face & Body Mineral Powder. To set everything in place and to keep my skin dewy all day, I spritzed on our Makeup Fixer setting spray. This look was super fun to create and truly out of this world!




 Carolina Herrera // Spring 2017 


I've been loving the casual smudged eyeliner look as of late. It can be such a frustrating process to attempt a perfect cat eye and smudged liner can really take the pressure off. Normally, I leave my eyes alone (save for some mascara) and pop on a bright lip. It's the lazy girl in me and it works. Even when I do apply liner, I stick to the outer corners of my eyes because it compliments my eye shape. Having to take the liner all the way around my eye was totally out of my comfort zone.


To start, I created a smokey base with our Ice Cream Eye Primer in "Never Back", a slate grey color. In hindsight, I could have applied even more of a base. I smoked it out with a fluffy blending brush and then applied the grey shade in the "Irresistable Smokey" signature shadow set. Next, I used the Fixline Eyeliner Gel in "Black" to create a slight cat eye and continued to define around my entire eye. Since I applied it very lightly, I think it actually helped to define my eye shape and accentuate my blue-green eyes which was a pleasant surprise. Lastly, I popped our Black Eyeliner Pencil in my waterline (which I NEVER do) and applied the Black HD Volumizing Mascara. I usually have trouble making my eyes pop against my fair skin but this look definitely did the trick. Thanks fashion week!



Balmain // Spring 2017  


I had a blast recreating this look from Balmain! To be honest, this look was totally outside of my comfort zone because I usually go for a more matte finish. My everyday go-to look includes a light powder foundation, a hint of blush, winged cat eye liquid liner, bold filled in brows with and a mauve liquid lipstick. 


As a pale person attempting to acheive a sun-kissed glow, I had to go IN with our “Americano Bronzer”. I applied that all over my face, neck and also under the jaw line and ears to ensure an even bronzed look. Then, I used our “Beverly Hills” AND “Rodeo Drive” Highlighters to really make my brow bone and cheek bones pop. I packed on way more of our highlighters than I normally would. Skipping mascara felt like I was missing something major in my look because I ALWAYS use mascara. Also, I applied our “Copper” and “Mauve” lipliners for a little color on my lips but also used our Lip Gloss Stick to have a soft glossy sheen to my lips.


I definitely enjoyed stepping outside of my comfort zone and received a lot of compliments about how bronzed and glowy I looked from my staff members. I may actually be game for recreating this look again although I'll add some mascara and a little extra colors to my lips next time. ;)



Fenty Puma // Spring 2017


I was really excited to try this spring trend. I’ve noticed blush making its way into the latest beauty trends and have been wanting to try out a look that I enjoyed from the runway. There were so many great designers to choose from but what I really liked, specifically from the Fenty x Puma 2017 spring runway, was the extra highlighted glow on the cheekbones.


I knew right away that I would use the OFRA Professional Blush Palette and Cheeky Cheek Bone Enhancer for that added shine. Combining a few different shades from the Blush Palette, I subtly blended them from the cheekbones to my temples. The main focus was on the blush and highlight so the rest of the face was left pretty neutral with some HD Volumizing Mascara in Black, and "Spicy" Lipliner with "Mocha" Lip Gloss. This look was fun to recreate and is something I would try again to play around with different shades of pinks and peaches!


Do you find your beauty inspiration from the runway?

Share the love on social media below!


Written by Justine D’Addio, Kate Lazarus, Gabby Berment, Mariel Fernandez and Carine Trezza  – OFRA Social Media Team

Pictures by Justine D'Addio & Harpers Bazaar

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  • I love the look …. Gabby lips look better than the Kadashian ……that is what I call real beauty….

    Nancy Wilson-Joseph on

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