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OFRA’s Ultimate Multitaskers

OFRA’s Ultimate Multitaskers
Beauty solutions that work overtime for you!

Makeup lovers generally believe one can never own too many beauty products. While there are some fabulous makeup collection videos on YouTube, beauty gurus would most likely admit to utilizing only a small percentage of their entire collection.

OFRA has some insider tips on investing in quality multi-functional products that will save you time and effort. By doing so, you can selectively curate your makeup collection, along with stashing cash, freeing up vanity space and helping the environment!

Below is our staff’s top multi-purpose product picks selected from our full makeup and skincare range available at

Versatile Bronzer Compact
Bronzer + Highlighter + Eyeshadow + Contour
Pictured: 3D Pyramid – Egyptian Clay Bronzer
This bronzer compact has four multi-use shades that are ideal for summer. Use the darker outer shade to contour, any shade as eye shadow, the bottom to highlight and all four to achieve a shimmering sun-kissed glow.
Eyebrow Pencil
Eyebrows + So much more!
Pictured: Universal Eyebrow Pencil
The possibilities are endless with a universally flattering eyebrow pencil. Sure, you can use it daily to fill in those brows, but how about lining your eyes with it for daytime definition? Eyebrow pencils are slightly ashier than your average brown eyeliner making it the ultimate natural eye for a no-makeup makeup look.
But don’t stop there. This incredible tool can also be worn as smudged eye shadow, contour, faux freckles or even as a beauty mark doubling as a pimple concealer.

Moisturizing Balm
Lip Salve + Highlighter + Dewy Eye
Pictured: Pure Vitamin E Lipstick
It’s all about the glossy look this summer so why not nourish your skin while creating a dewy effect? Vitamin E is extremely moisturizing and can be safely used on many facial areas.
The most obvious reason you probably reach for your lip balm is moisture. Yet, you can also create a natural dewy highlight on your cheekbones or combine it with your favorite pigment for a glossy eye look. It goes with everything!

SPF Moisturizer
Facial Hydration + Anti-aging Benefits + Sun Protection
Pictured: Advanced Vitamin C Cream SPF20
Who can keep up with all the facial moisturizers on the beauty market these days? There never seems to be one perfect product containing everything you need to brave the day.
 You don’t want to worry about three separate moisturizers a day: one for moisture, one for sun protection AND one for anti-aging? Instead, try a daily moisturizer packed with nutrients that hydrates, preserves and protects skin simultaneously.

All-Purpose Makeup Brush
Liquid Foundation + Powder + Blush
Pictured: Brush #9 – Two Tone All Purpose Powder
Invest in a quality makeup brush that will regularly perform for you. This multitasker can execute various makeup applications seamlessly. Use it to apply full-face powder, foundation and blush. This tool is an absolute essential whether you are a makeup novice or working professional.

Highlighter Compact
Custom Highlight + Shimmer Eyeshadow
Pictured: Beverly Hills Highlighter
We couldn’t leave out our newest product launch – The Beverly Hills Highlighter! This all in one compact contains five diverse shades that are perfect for any skin tone.
You can highlight with your favorites and use the rest for shimmering eye shadows. This product also allows you to create customizable highlighting pigments by combining two, three or all shades for a completely unique finish.
What’s your favorite multi-use product and in what creative ways do you use it?
Comment below, lovelies!
Written by Justine D'Addio - OFRA Team Member


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