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ROUND UP: Project Influencer 2

As our 5 weeks of Project Influencer comes to an end, let's take a look at the products each person created. With five outstanding makeup artist, comes five glorious micro collections. Which one is impossible for you to resist?! For me it's A-L-L of them! Not to mention, each product is marked down, giving you one of the best deals! BTW don't forget to use the influencer's discount code for an extra 20% off - I mean does it get much better than that?!


Shop Project Influencer Season 2

From custom made palettes to bundles filled with faves, this years Project Influencer's brought their own unique items to the table. Whether you like to play with color or are more of a neutral gal, or even just want the basics - there is something for YOU. Diversity in the products launched throughout these last five weeks was key to insuring all our Beauties would find something meant for them! By working closely with trusted influencers we know & love, we knew we'd thrive!

The Influencers 

See the faces and meet the people behind the creations.









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