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Spring 2017 Pantone Fashion Color Report: Featuring our NEW Pop-Up Palette™!



Every seasonal change provides its own unique inspiration for artistic industries to create their next big idea. The design, fashion and beauty industries alike draw creativity from the Pantones color report, a seasonal report on trending new hues. The spring 2017 report contains 10 diverse shades from bright and vivid to more down to earth cool tones. The chosen colors resemble a mix of both nature and the spring fashion runways.



Primrose Yellow

A “joyful yellow” brings us all the sunshine and warmth of summer, looking ahead to brighter days. This yellow exudes vitality and good vibes.

OFRA Recommends:  Yellow Submarine & Bright Yellow



Pale Dogwood

A “quiet and peaceful” subtle pink shade that omits innocence, purity and tranquility. This pale pink hue encourages a soft, healthy glow.

OFRA Recommends: Latte & Glorious




A warm transitional neutral that is guaranteed to be a staple this spring season. This earthy shade brings a sense of neutrality that can be connected across all seasonal changes.

OFRA Recommends: Truffle & Kahlua 



Island Paradise

Just as the name would appear, this shade is a tranquil and refreshing blue-green aqua that relaxes our minds and takes us to our tropical fantasy.

OFRA Recommends: Ocean Blue




A breath of fresh air. This yellow-green shade illustrates the image of foliage and spring’s fertile attributes challenging us to breathe deeply, explore, reinvent and reinvigorate the senses.

OFRA Recommends: Bright Green




A shade that speaks for itself! Bold and vivacious, this red-orange hue breathes fiery heat that’s packed with warmth. Be prepared to omit a fun-loving, outgoing side while rocking this shade!

OFRA Recommends: Fire Orange



Pink Yarrow

 This bright and cheerful pink kicks up the adrenaline a notch. Pink Yarrow is a gorgeous tropical pink shade that will instantly liven up any scenario.

OFRA Recommends: Crazy Pink (also a blush)




A classic denim blue exuding a sense of calmness and comfort like your favorite pair of jeans.

OFRA Recommends: Blue Jeans




A green reminiscent of the super food, this “foliage-based green” pulls us right into the heart of nature giving us a sense of urgency for maintaining an active, healthy and grounding lifestyle. This shade of green works well with the other pops of color in this season’s report.

OFRA Recommends: Olive & Khaki



Lapis Blue

This intense blue shade is closely associated with the gem stone Lapis Lazuli that was once grounded up to make the finest and most royal pigments for paint (Girl with a Pearl Earring anyone?). It’s worn best with confidence as it conveys a high energy and exudes your inner royal radiance.

OFRA Recommends: Deep Blue



Now could you imagine all these gorgeous shades in a single eyeshadow palette?

Well now it’s possible with our new magnetic Pop-Up Palette™ and large assortment of godet refill pans available on our website!  These seasonal shimmer and matte eyeshadows can now be packed into one convenient palette giving you endless possibilities to create tons of beautiful looks with this year’s spring shades!

With enough space to fit 48 grams of product (Ex: 24 individual 2g godets or 12 individual 4g godets) you have plenty of options to customize your palette to your liking!


The OFRA Pop-up Palette launches May 16th at 10 AM EST so stay tuned!

There are so many ways to make this palette uniquely yours with the capability of popping it up to sit on your vanity or any table top, its hands free and super accessible to create a variety of looks!

Stay In the know by following all our social media accounts for the latest updates, tips, tutorials and new releases giving you exclusive sneak peeks on our snap chat and other platforms!




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