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Tip Tuesday: 3 Easy Ways To Use Eye Liner

Do you love eyeliners, but your eyes get irritated from wiping off wings that aren’t even? Curious as to how to use that teal eyeliner someone gifted you? Well, I’m here to help! Here are a few ways to use your favorite (or your "not so sure how to use it") eyeliners, using our Eyeliner Pencils, Fixline Eyeliner Gel and Verified Liquid Liner.

Tip #1: Eyeliner Basics

Eyeliner can be tricky and cause some serious doubt that prevents us from even trying it. But don’t let it! Eyeliner can be a great addition to your makeup and add some definition and drama to any look. The most common mistake is to think that the only type of eyeliner there is, is BLACK. Black is a great color for eyeliner, my favorite in fact. However, eyeliner is meant to accentuate the eye, to give shape and color, but you can use any color to do it! If black has been leaving you disappointed try other colors and see how different your eyes can look.
Let’s talk about pencil eyeliner. I love using pencil eyeliner in two ways:
  1. I love to use it on the waterline to outline the eyes. Black to smoke it out, White or Nude to make the eye appear wider and make you look awake. Colored eyeliners like Teal, Purple, Yellow, etc. are great for pops of color.
  2. Pencil liners are mostly made out of wax and wax can be melted with the warmth of your fingers. I like to apply the eyeliner all over the eyelid then use my ring finger to blend it out to create a great base for eyeshadow.

Tip #2: Keep It Steady 

My favorite type of eyeliner is gel eyeliner (I know, not the popular vote)! It’s amazing for the looks you need to stay in place all day and all night long. Gel eyeliner is best applied with a synthetic brush. Personally, I love using paintbrushes or the flattest of eyeliner brushes. The best tip I can give you? Take your time and do it piece by piece. I like to start on the inner corner up to half of the eye, then from the middle to the outer corner of the eye and lastly creating the wing.

Tip #3: Pro Liner

Last but not least, liquid eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner comes in a tube with a wand or in the form of a pen with a felt tip. So, which one is best? This is really all preference. Some Beauties love the liquid eyeliner wand and others live by the felt tip, but all would agree that being careful is the name of the game. Similar to the gel eyeliner, slow and steady wins the race! Start your liner from the outer corner in or the inner corner out and do the lining section by section to achieve the perfect wing. Want to make your eyelashes appear fuller? Staying very close to the upper lash line use your liquid liner to only outline the upper lid. 
Hope you loved my tips about eyeliner, Beauties! Any great tips that you have found useful, share them down below. Thank you for reading and see you in the next post.


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