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OFRA Professional Makeup Palette - Eyeshadow

$79.00 USD



A fabulous set of 20 highly pigmented eyeshadows. This palette features the OFRA pressed powder eyeshadow which contains strong pigment for a long lasting effect which can be applied with an eyeshadow brush, wet or dry.

The selection of colors in this palette contain a mix of commonly used matte and shimmer colors. This palette is your perfect go to palette for any eye look. 

It is highly recommended to use the OFRA Eye Gel Primer before applying any eyeshadow for amazingly long lasting eye looks.  Helps keep your eyeshadow look from morning to night, up to 18 hours of wear with a primer. 

Colors featured in this palette:

  • Millennium Pink  (cool-toned pale pink with a metallic finish)
  • Champagne (pale pinky-nude matte shade)
  • Bliss (light bronze shade with a rose gold undertone and satin finish)
  • Bohemian (neutral brown with a metallic finish)
  • Lilac (soft purple-blue with a matte finish)
  • Yellow Submarine (warm light-yellow with a matte finish)
  • Buttercup  (soft cream shade with a matte finish)
  • Gold Rush (ultra-pigmented golden copper with a metallic finish)
  • Crazy Pink (cool-toned purple-pink with a satin finish)
  • Plum (true plum with a satin finish)
  • Millennium White (snow-white shade with a metallic finish)
  • Millennium Green (sea-foam green with a satin finish)
  • Khaki  (classic khaki with a matte finish)
  • Smoke (grey with a green undertone and matte finish)
  • Navy (true navy with a matte finish)
  • Blue Jeans (shimmering shade of a classic denim blue)
  • French Mocha (neutral brown with a matte finish)
  • Godiva (rich chocolate brown with a matte finish)
  • Bark (cool-toned brown with a matte finish)
  • Slate (dark charcoal with a matte finish)
See our new palette diagram! to easily identify replacement godets.

OFRA Professional Makeup Palette - Eyeshadow

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