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Go-To Makeup with the OFRA Social Team


Let’s be real. Beauty junkies are always ready to hoard the newest makeup product and never feel their collection is complete (insert Disney Ariel meme here). While you might have an impressive stash, it can get easy to become unorganized and even forget about some of those precious products. It’s a real time-waster having to think about which individual products to throw into your makeup bag to create even the simplest look.

What if you had one seamless solution for a go-to full face of makeup that was also compact and travel-friendly? And what if it worked with you for a hands-free makeup application? Enter OFRA’s newest release: The Pop-Up Palette.

The social team tested out the Pop-Up Palette with their favorite magnetic makeup pans for everyday use. See how they customized their varied go-to looks below!


Social Media/PR Manager 

The Pop-Up Palette is my jam because I live by the “less is more” philosophy. If I can travel light and have all my makeup essentials in one palette, that’s perfection to me!

Full disclosure: I don’t use liquid foundation. I prefer powder foundation and haven’t yet had the desire to step into liquid territory. Conveniently for me, OFRA sells my favorite powder foundation - Wet and Dry Foundation (specifically, shade #41) – in refill pans so I can easily add it to my palette.

Also in my Pop-Up Palette is our California Dream Triangle – a trio powder that contains two bronzers and a universal pink blush that helps me achieve a healthy glow. I cannot complete a makeup look without our Beverly Hills Highlighter, a luminous highlighter wheel that can create endless customizable shades. I love using it as both a highlighter and shimmering eyeshadows in the summertime. To balance out all that shimmer, I added the eyeshadow Buttercup as a transition shade and Plastic to highlight my brow bone and inner corner of my eye.

…and voila! These are pans are my essential makeup pans I use in nearly every look I do. I keep a few others handy for variety so I have options but that’s the gist. Having all my makeup pans in one palette and easily accessible is a lifesaver!


PR/Editor Lead

Just call me “The Minimalist”, guys. I generally don’t like any gratuitous products in my collection and my Pop-Up Palette curation is no different. At first glance, it can seem rather…bare but I assure you I can create a mean makeup look from these few products.

Since my skin leans super dry, I didn’t include any base products such as powder foundation, banana powder, bronzer, etc. Jumping right into eyes, I’m a sucker for a classic taupe brown smoky eye which conveniently brings out the blue hues in my blue-green eyes. First, I pack French Mocha on the lids and defined my outer corners with Godiva. Next, I use Truffle as a transition shade and on the lower lash line to add some warmth. To really make my eyes pop I pack on Glamour on the outer half of my lid and then place Gold Rush on the inner half. 

I've been a tad obsessed with blush recently. My perfect shade is Candy Apple and it has some major staying power throughout my work day. I like to top it with the golden pink shade in the Beverly Hills highlighter to add dimension to my cheekbones. It's the new contour. Finally, I use Plastic - an off-white pearl shade - to highlight the high-points of my face. If I'm feeling fancy, I'll utilize some of the other shades in Beverly Hills to accent my eyelook and make my highlight extra poppin'.


Social & Influencer Relations Lead

I’ve always loved the idea of having a magnetic palette so I could totally customize the products that go in it. Although I have a huge makeup collection, day-to-day I tend to use the same products.

In my Pop-Up Palette, I wanted to make sure I included products that covered an entire look. The first thing I added was Banana Powder because I regularly use it to set my concealer and as a base shadow on my eyes. Next, I included mostly neutral shadows. My top row consists of all matte brown and black shades - a staple in any eye look: Truffle, French Mocha, Godiva, Triple Black. The second row is where I included the “fun” shades: Bliss - a gorgeous champagne shade (love this for the inner corner and brow bone), Glamour - the perfect bronze shade for all over the lid (for all my lazy girls… you could totally use this color alone and just blend it into the crease) and Cabernet - a deep purple and subtle pop of color (I frequently use this on my bottom lash line to enhance the green tones in my hazel eyes).

For highlighter, I included Everglow because it has three different shades that double as gorgeous shadows. I mean, who doesn’t love options? To complete my look I included our Egyptian Clay Bronzer, and two blushes: Rose (which is also a great transition shade on the eyes) and Pink Satin (a color that will brighten up your entire face).


E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Rep

I have been absolutely loving my Pop-Up Palette! It’s so fun to get creative and customize all your makeup looks in one place. It’s so convenient to literally “pop up” on your bathroom counter or on your vanity so you can get ready hands-free.

In my Pop-Up Palette, I included mostly neutral matte eyeshadows: Latte, Glorious, Truffle, Kahlua ,Khaki, Olive and Yellow Submarine (had to include a pop of color!). A few of these shades were mentioned in my previous blog post: Pantones 2017 Spring Fashion Color Report so they’re this year’s trendiest shades. I also have the Beverly Hills highlighter which is my favorite OFRA highlighter! It’s so versatile and I love that each shade doubles as shimmer eyeshadows to compliment my mostly matte palette.

Speaking of highlighters… Pro Tip: Most people don’t know the 3D Egyptian Clay Bronzer also includes a gorgeous icy-rose highlighter shade. It’s super pigmented and looks great on my olive skin tone, especially when I tan in the South Florida weather! This product also has a variety of bronze shades that can be used to contour, fake some sun or as neutral brown eyeshadow. Let’s talk blush! Two of my favorite shades (Charm and Candy Apple from our Professional Blush Palette) are great for medium skin tones.


Social Media/Customer Service Rep

My Pop-Up Palette has truly become my daily go-to palette. Personally, I love knowing I have one main item that is assessable for my everyday use. Let’s be honest. Some days I get lazy and I want to be able to quickly throw together a look. No muss, no fuss.

I generally prefer warmer eyeshadow tones - with the exception of a neutral brown shade (Truffle) to smoke out my lower lash line. With summer around the corner, I like to incorporate a pop of color (Bright Blue) on my lower lash line. Khaki and Olive are my favorite to deepen up my outer corner. I like to build these colors together in a “V-shape” and pack Glamour all over my lid. It’s a super simple look that I can easily take from day to night!

Our Banana Powder is a fan favorite for a reason. Sounds dramatic but I probably couldn’t live without this powder to set my under eyes. It’s that good. It prevents creasing, brightens and lasts all day. What more can I ask for? Winter Rose Glow blush is the epitome of summer for me. This blush gives me a perfect flush of color for any look. It has very fine flecks of glitter that give your skin a subtle glow. Lastly, you can never go wrong with Rodeo Drive highlighter! It gives my skin a luminous natural glow but is also buildable if I desire a truly blinding highlighter. I love that Rodeo Drive has multiple uses such as an inner corner highlight or an overall lid color. And there you have it! I’m ready to go!

Watch the Pop-Up Palette in action!

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