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Makeup Expiration: How to Check Shelf Life



All cosmetics have different shelf life ranges. Some products last longer than others and some will expire before your other products do. It’s important to know what your products shelf life are because expired products can cause skin irritations, bacterial infections and break outs - a girl’s worst nightmare! Often, you can find a symbol of a jar on the product itself or on the packaging it comes in. The number on the jar represents how many months that the product should be effective for prior to opening.

Tip: To ensure you’re getting your money’s worth before you end up tossing an expired product you barely used, grab a sharpie and write the date on your tube or jar from the day you open it so you know how long you can expect it to last.


Makeup products that last… 

2-3 months: Mascara, Face Peels & Masks 

6-12 months: liquid eyeliner, liquid foundation, concealer, acne creams & washes, eye cream, face wash and serums 

12-18 months: lip gloss, cream eyeshadows, face cream, sunscreen, eyebrow gel 

24 months: lip and eye pencils, lipstick, powder eyeshadow & blush, powder foundation, body lotion (jar) and scrubs (jar).


Most of the products here at OFRA carry a shelf life of 24 months. Here are some examples:



Pictured Above: OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in 'Surfers Paradise'- Look out for changes in smell, texture and taste. If it becomes difficult to apply or the color changes, then that’s a good indicator to trash it!




Pictured Above: OFRA Shimmer eyeshadow in 'Ultra Violet' and OFRA Derma Mineral Powder in 'Pink Sand'- Because face powders lack water they typically last longer with a shelf life of 24 months. If you notice a color change or the powder becomes hard and product doesn’t transfer pigment very well, it should be thrown out. When it comes to eyeshadows use more precaution as they can get wet easily and transfer bacteria to the eye. If you suspect anything is wrong with the product, then toss it!


 Pictured above: OFRA Vitamin A&C Peel Off Mask, OFRA Peptide Whitening Mask and OFRA Whitening Mask- It’s important that skin care is used with caution if you know you’ve had it for a while and don’t keep track of when you first opened it. Ingredients like glycolic and fruit acids become more potent and irritate the skin more once some of their buffering agents begin to evaporate.


Tip: When using products that come in a jar, you can make them last longer by not using your fingers to dip repeatedly in the jar as this can cause contamination. Instead, use a beauty spatula or brush to pull the product out and apply to your face that way.


We learned from our previous article 2017 Beauty Goals, which features 15 resolutions to start practicing, that a beauty cleanup is essential! If you haven’t already gone through your makeup and skin care collection, now is the time to do it! Spring is right around the corner so get a head start and toss any old, expired products. If you’re not totally sure how long you’ve had it – dump it!



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