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Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them

We have all had our share of makeup mishaps, even those who walk the red carpet have, but learning from them is what takes our makeup to the next level. We’ve listed some common mistakes that are made in beauty routines as well as ways to fix them and perfect your look with OFRA products.


Applying makeup to dry skin

It is important to exfoliate and moisturize often especially before putting on makeup. Otherwise, you could be prone to flakiness and your products won’t go on as smooth as you like. You can use the OFRA Soft Pearl Peel to exfoliate, your preferred toner, and then finish with the Vitamin C Cream SPF20 for everyday hydration.



Shading brows too dark

Bold brows are here but blocky brows? Not so much. Shading in your brows too dark or outlining them too dark can make for an unnatural look. You can use the OFRA Universal Eyebrow Pencil to make light hair-like strokes to create a more full and defined brow without looking like you drew them in. Check out our Brow dos and don’ts for more helpful tips on how to get your perfect brow.



Forgetting to prime

Is your makeup fading as your day goes on? You could be missing a step. Aside from moisturizing, priming your face is a must to create a hydrated surface that will result in long-lasting makeup. Using the OFRA Absolute Cover Face Primer, your makeup will last a whole 12 hours while maintaining a silky appearance.



Wearing the wrong shade of foundation

This mistake is most commonly caused by the testing of foundation in the wrong areas. Forget the tip to try shades on your hand, rather you should test it right below your jawline for your most accurate match and in natural light to see your true undertones. Remember to always blend foundation down the neck to ensure a balanced and smooth texture from every angle. If you don’t know what OFRA shade to use, you can get the Foundation Trial Packs and correctly test them to find your perfect color before purchasing a full size.



Applying concealer in a moon shape under the eyes

Concealer is used to cover up under eye circles and even out your skin tone. A common mistake many people make is applying it in a moon-like shape under the eye which tends to look unnatural. It is best to apply concealer in an upside-down triangle shape for a more awakened and lifted appearance. OFRA's Concealers & Correctors will give any skin type great coverage all over.



Applying bronzer all over the face

Bronzer was created to give your skin that perfect sun-kissed look. However, this does not mean it was meant to be applied all over your face. The best way to apply bronzer is using OFRA’s Versatile Matte Bronzer in the shape of a “3” on each side of your face blending into the hairline and jawline.


Applying too much blush

Blush can look unnatural when it is applied with a heavy hand. To get a more subtle and youthful look, you can apply any OFRA blush lightly at the apples of your cheek. Find your perfect blush for your skin tone and apply with our Blush Brush #22.



Not taking care of your lips

We all want to have that perfect pout but there is no way to achieve it without giving your lips the love they deserve! In just three easy steps you can achieve luscious looking lips. It is essential to exfoliate to remove dead skin and condition your lips to hydrate them before applying your lip color (or gloss) of choice.


Not cleaning your brushes

Your brushes help you out with all your makeup so the best thing you can do for them is clean them at least once a week. Washing your brushes often is key for a better application of whichever product you are using and also for the elimination of bacteria. The OFRA Brush Cleaner & Disinfectant Spray is recommended in between uses as your brushes will dry fast so you can continue your makeup as soon as possible.



We hope you picked up a few helpful tips and are ready to perfect your beauty with OFRA!

Got some tips we didn't mention? Comment down below!



Written by OFRA Intern- Rachel Harrypersad


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