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National Retro Day

National Retro Day is simply defined by whats retro to you. You remember the good ‘ol days while staying in the present. How can you go retro? Try taking your look back to the 70’s, rock bell bottoms and an afro, or maybe some platforms and disco-inspired clothing and makeup. That’s so Gucci. Just pick an era that gives you the feels and bring it back just for today (or every day!). We promise it's totally acceptable.


My nostalgia brings me back to the 90’s where hair accessories were huge. How ‘bout those butterfly hair clips? Big scrunchies and banana clips anyone? We can’t forget the big hoops and overlined lips to go with it, along with nameplates all over and gelled down baby hairs. Is anyone having flashbacks yet?


“Remember when?” seems to be the easiest way to conjure up your own retro. Think no cell phones (maybe beepers), no Internet or social media- yes there actually was a time where people didn’t text and used pay phones or a landline to communicate, even handwritten letters, can you believe it?!



My nostalgia kicks in at the early Internet days where there was one computer for all and the only thing a kid could do was airbrush their heart out on Paint and play Solitaire (Pure Satisfaction=That moment when you saw all the cards cascading on the screen). The fight for dial-up was real; it was the computer or the phone, but not both. Don’t even get me started on what would happen if you disconnected the phone from the Internet without telling anyone!



Some childhood games consisted of playing cops and robbers, jump rope, hopscotch, jacks, chutes and ladders and handball. Some may not even know what these games are! Get your hands on some of the classic board games and kids toys from way back when and teach your kids, nephews, nieces, sisters, brothers, and grandkids, whoever you’ve got around, how it was done back in your day!


Whether its fashion and beauty, games, or music: we hope we’ve stirred up some memories to inspire how you can make National Retro Day your own. Take us back to your favorite memories and how you do retro. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite trends were, games you played, music you listened to and outfits you rocked!



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