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Makeup for all.

From daytime to nighttime take your OFRA makeup with you wherever you go for a feel-good approach to beauty.

Why should I use makeup products?

Makeup is all about you. There is no right or wrong step in your routine, it should just be fun and most of all it should fit your style and your lifestyle. Whether you want your makeup to be a no-fuss 5-minute routine with the same 5 products every day or you want to try something new every time you step in front of a mirror you have the power to choose. Sometimes figuring out your go-to glam is the hardest part, but it can also be the best part of makeup.

What makeup products should I use?

Sometimes makeup choices are based around time. Do you have time for lipstick and mascara or more? Makeup can be part of a greater wellness routine and as such can be dependent on how much time is left over in the AM. So in some cases, you should choose functional makeup. Check out this blog where you will learn what shades of lipstick will make your smile brighter.

What makeup products are available?

From primer to foundation to color correctors and blushes, at OFRA we have a wide assortment of options when it comes to makeup.
Setting Powders

What is your best-selling makeup product?

Our best-selling makeup product is our OFRA Liquid-to-baked highlighters. This makeup product really put OFRA on the map. With our unique pressing technique and a collab with NikkieTutorials we have garnered a cult-like following for these illuminating powders. Our highlighters, like all OFRA products, are created in our factory in sunny So Flo. In this process, we use the highest grade pearl pigments to ensure that are highlighters are the creamiest and most light-refracting on the market. Want to know more? Check out our latest blog on our top OFRA products.

What do you use to apply makeup?

Throw the makeup rule book if you have one, because there is no such thing as “rules” in makeup. Certainly, you could say that there are tricks and techniques which are more suitable for some face shapes versus others, however, makeup is self-expression.Whether you like brushes, sponges, or just your hands, apply makeup however feels right to you.

Are OFRA makeup products cruelty-free?

Yes, OFRA eyeshadows are vegan, cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny certified. We do not test on animals. OFRA does everything from product creation to testing, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

Are OFRA makeup products vegan?

Yes, OFRA eyeshadows are vegan, cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny certified. From beginning to end, only the finest ingredients found in nature are used in all OFRA products.
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