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Spring Essentials: Simplifying your Beauty Routine

Posted on 21 March 2017

by Justine D’Addio

Yesterday was officially the first day of spring! You know what that means... it's time for some spring cleaning! Many people cull their wardrobes, clear out the garage or deep clean their homes which are all typically associated with the season's theme of renewal. The OFRA team, however, is anxious to finally switch up their makeup routines and experiment with brighter colors. With each new season comes new makeup trends and this year's spring beauty trends are no different. We can look forward to a minimal, more lightweight makeup approach with bright accents.  

Organizing your makeup collection inevitably requires tossing what you truly know you won't use including any expired items. If you have the right core products, adjusting your go-to makeup look will be simple! Below we picked our everyday OFRA essentials  for spring so you can restock your makeup collection with the season's hottest trends! 


Typically, winter demands a creamier face wash to further quench skin so switching to a more traditional cleanser - especially one that contains vitamin c - will enliven your skin each morning and night. This Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser keeps breakouts at bay while also brightening skin's complexion. 


 Spring is the precursor to the warm weather of summer. While you should always wear sunscreen - even in the dead of winter - applying it now will protect you from the harsh rays your winter skin hasn't experienced for several months. Look for a sunscreen in your morning moisturizer such as the Advanced Vitamin C Cream with SPF 20, which is packed with antioxidants, moisturizing properties and, of course, SPF. If your arms or legs are gong to be exposed, try our handy Sun Spray SPF 30 that conveniently fits in your bag so you can keep it with you on the go. 


  Although you'll have to lather up on the sunscreen, you can get away with wearing less makeup overall in springtime. Going bare isn't for everyone so to increase confidence try using a color corrector to even out complexion flaws such as the Magic Roulette Concealer. Each shade combats a specific discoloration such as dark circle, redness, hyperpigmentation and sallowness. Use the Deep Corrector Wheel to further conceal as it has six diverse shades that will match your skin throughout any season. 


If you prefer more full coverage, these three items will be your best friends this spring. The Absolute Cover Silk Peptide Foundation provides medium-full coverage while also feeling silky and packed with skin-loving ingredients. Set it with some Translucent Highlighting Luxury Powder which provides a silght glowy sheen and also prevents oil secretion in the warmer months. Since most of us won't have a perfect tan during this seasonal transition, fake it with our Versatile Matte Bronzer


Now to the fun part. Spring makeup is all about bright, glowy accents and this season's biggest beauty trend is undoubtedly blush. Use the Signature Blush Palette to define the apples of your cheeks all the way up to your cheekbones and layer your favorite highlighter on top for added definition. The Beverly Hills Highlighter is super diverse, can be used for any occasion and also doubles as shimmer eyeshadows. 



Spring eye makeup trends have been mostly bare this season. According to fashion week runways, you have full permission to back off of the cut crease and graphic liner. Try opting for a wash of color on the lids using our Signature Radiant Eyes Palette, the ultimate companion for spring/summer. Skipping eyeliner can leave some feeling naked but sticking to solely mascara instantly turns back, making you appear instantly more youthful. The HD Volumizing Mascara (offered in black, brown and navy) is the perfect combination of lengthing and volume. 


With over 50 long lasting liquid lipstick shades in the OFRA range, you better believe there's no shortage of options for every season. Personally, I am excited to break open the brighter shades that haven't been getting much love this past winter. Some of our favorites for spring 2017 are Bel Air, Santa Ana, Cancun and Rio


To set your look, use the Makeup Fixer for a refreshing dewy finish perfect for spring. Plus, it smells great! I also use it to spray my brushes to blend product more easily. Our Brush Cleaner and Disinfectant Spray works wonders on dirty brushes and is something I am committing to doing more often for hygiene's sake. Although we encourage you to toss any old products, OFRA's Fix-It formula revives the dried up products you can't yet part with so you can enjoy them a bit longer. 


I'm definitely going to take notes from the above for my everyday look this spring. Moisturized skin with SPF, light on the foundation, blush and highlighter instead of contour, simple eye makeup and a bright pop of color on the lips. It's all about a youthful, effortless aesthetic and less makeup means good news for my bank account and sleeping in later. It's a win-win for everyone!

How are you renewing your makeup collection for spring?

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Article by Justine D’Addio – OFRA Team Member

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  • Rachel Samson : March 22, 2017

    Wow nice products to try,saw your ad at YouTube.

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